Oshun Natural Hair Salon - (di·vin·e: Of, from, or like God)
Oshun Ra specializes
in Natural Hair Care of all Textures!
Meet the owner and natural hair artist, Oshun Ra
"I have been a licensed stylist since 2000. I have had experience as a natural hair stylist for about 17 years. My passion started when I started my natural journey about 18 years ago. I now choose to to wear Sista locks. My mission as a natural hair artist is to educate the Black African American race about the culture of our hair in its natural state. Also to replenish and nourish one's own glory, (which is our hair) back to life and give hope to which was once lost!"
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1302 Watson Blvd
Warner Robins, GA. 31093

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Saturday and Sunday,,10:00am-2:30pm
Open 7 days a week by Appointments Only!