Oshun Natural Hair Salon - (di·vin·e: Of, from, or like God)
Natural Hair Services:
Flexi-Rod Sets,,$45 & up
Roller Sets,,$35
Press & Style,,$40 & up
Shampoo Sets,,$40 & up
Divine Wrap...$40& up
Silk Wrap(Saran Wrap added)...$40 & up
Sista Wrap...$40& up
Natural Hairstyles.. $55 & up
Lock maintenance...$55 & up,,with style $65 or  only style,,$30
Starter Locks...$65 &up
Dreadlocks Transition to interlocking,,$95 &up
Comb twists...$55 &up
Coil-out Twists... $60
Two Strand Twists...$55 &up
Cornrows with weave...$85, hair included
Flat-Twists Styles..$75,hair included

Braiding and Sew-Ins

Sew-Ins..$150 & up,whole head,$95partial,hair not included!
Sew-In with closure,,$170,hair not included!
 Crochet Braids,,$150, hair not included.
Cornrows,,$85 & up hair included
Flat-Twist Styles,,$75 & up hair included


Cut...$25 & up!,with your hair alreadyshampooed,conditioned and blow-dryed, if I have to blow dry, it will be extra!
Trim...$15 & up!,with your hair already shampooed, conditioned and blow-dryed!,  Note;;;; If I have to shampoo,condition and blow-dryit will be extra!  Note;;;In order for you to pay only  $15 for a trim.,,when entering salon,,your hair needs tobe shampooed,conditioned and blow-dryed for a great service,,,thanks!!:)


****All treatments includes a head and scalp massage((-:

Deep Condition...$10
Damaged Hair Treatment...$10
Protein Treatment...$10
Hydration Treatment...$12
"Big Chop"...$25-$35

Children's Hair:
 Ages 5 to 7 years old:
Shampoo,Condition,Braided in a style $55

Cornrows with ext..$65,includeshair!!

Press & Style,,$40


$25 No Show Fee!!

$20 Consultations!

Any further questionsabout the prices or not sure,,out of courtesy,,please call management!