Goddess Oshun Natural Hair Salon - (di·vin·e: Of, from, or like God)
Natural Hair Services:

1.Flexi-Rods,,$55 & Up.
2.Roller Sets or Perm Rods,,$55 & Up.
3.Silk Press or Press & Style,,$60&Up.
4.Silk Wrap or Blow-Out,,,$60& Up.
(With Saran Wrap added, it's extra).
5.Sistah Wrap,,$60 & Up.
6.Natural Hairstyles,,$75 & Up.
7.Loc Maintenance,,$65 & Up.
With Style,,$20.
8.Only Style,,$40.
9.Starterlocs,,$75 &Up.
10.Loc Transition to Interlocking,,$120 &Up.
11.Comb Twist,,$70 &Up.
12.Two-Strand 13.Twists,,$70 &Up.
14.Finger Coils,,$70 &Up.

16.Apple-Cider Vinegar Rinse with Alkaline Water,,$35.

17.Tea-Tree Oil ,with Lavender Essential Oil Treatment,,$35.

18.Deep Conditioning,,includes, Lemongrass, Argon Oil and Shea Butter,,$35.

19.Hot Oil Treatment,,includes,,Jojoba Oil,Castor Oil and Almond Oil,,$35.

 Protective Styles:

20.Sew-In Installments,,$180 & up,,with Closure added,,$200 &up.


22.Braid-Down,,$55,,(Wig Prep).
Braid-Down with already Shampooed and Blow-Dryed hair,,$45.

Shampoo, Condition and Trim,,$35 & up.

24.Trim only with professional Shampooed and Blow-Dryed,,$25 & Up.

25.A Shampoo and Good Condition,with a Scalp Massage ,,$40.

Appointments Only!